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DS: Retail Media - The Unpleasant Child or Hidden Champion?

Torsten Ahlers | 12.09.2019 16:25
Debate Stage
When it comes to retail media, opinions differ. The industry does offer few cases and only few retailers allow advertising campaigns on their websites in Germany. Retailers on the one hand state a couple of barriers to introduce the new advertising offer: from setting other priorities like a platform or store brand strategy to fearing a cannibalisation of their traditional trade marketing budgets by performance-driven Retail Media campaigns. Brands on the other hand are criticising the lack of media inventory accessible in the open internet and the often intransparent Retail Media success metrics, all while Amazons advertising revenue keeps growing every quarter. All players involved need to discuss: What will it take for Retail Media to finally take off and deliver the potential of millions Euros in revenue?

Torsten Ahlers

Andreas Antrup
Managing Director & VP Data & Advertising

Geoffroy Martin
General Manager and EVP

Martin Meyer-Gossner